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I've been writing since the moment I could hold a pen, and I've loved horror just as long. As a kid, I was often in trouble at my conservative elementary school for drawing monsters and indulging in dark humor. I'm not easy to scare, be it films or fiction, but I love the ride nonetheless, as long as the story is done well. I'm a huge fan of psychological and supernatural horror, but I'll give anything a try.

Until I was old enough to dress myself, my mom had always made me up like a porcelain doll--curls and frilly dresses--and some levels of that style have always stayed with me. It's that or the fact that I sound like a disney princess that apparently throws people when they find out my main genre. Most of my writing won't be made available online until I've exhausted other publishing outlets, but I enjoy sharing with other horror fans when I can.

It's always hard to describe yourself, and this site is currently under construction, but I think that's a decent overview of the weirdo behind these little tales. I'm always happy to hear from readers and other writers, so please drop me a line if you stop by!

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